bsr-candidate hash-mask-length


bsr-candidate hash-mask-length <LENGTH-VALUE>

no bsr-candidate hash-mask-length


Controls the distribution of multicast groups among the C-RP, in a domain where there is overlapping coverage of the groups among the RPs. This value specifies the length (number of significant bits) when allocating this distribution. A longer hash-mask-length results in fewer multicast groups, for each block of group addresses assigned to the RPs. Multiple blocks of addresses assigned to each C-RP results in wider dispersal of addresses. Includes enhanced load-sharing for the multicast traffic for the different groups that are used in the domain at the same time.

The no form of this command removes currently configured value and sets to the default of 30.

Command context




Specifies the length (in bits) of the hash mask. Default: 30. Range: 1-32.




Configuring and removing the BSR-candidate hash-mask-length:

switch(config)# router pim
switch(config-pim)# bsr-candidate hash-mask-length 4
switch(config-pim)# no bsr-candidate hash-mask-length