Monitoring queue operation

Use the show interface command to display the number of packets and bytes queued for transmission. For example:
switch# show interface 1/1/1 queues
Interface 1/1/1 is  (Administratively down)
 Admin state is down
 State information: admin_down
         Tx Packets             Tx Bytes  Tx Packet Errors
 Q0             100                 8000                 0
 Q1         1234567          12345678908                 5
 Q2              0                     0                 0
 Q3              0                     0                 0
 Q4              0                     0                 0
 Q5              0                     0                 0
 Q6              0                     0                 0
 Q7              0                     0                 0
  • Tx Packets: Total packets transmitted.
  • Tx Bytes: Total bytes transmitted. The byte count may include packet headers and internal metadata that are removed before the packet is transmitted. Packet headers added when the packet is transmitted may not be included.
  • Tx Packet Errors: Shows the amount of traffic dropped on an egress interface before it was sent. When traffic cannot be forwarded out an egress interface, it backs up on ingress. The more servicing assigned to a queue by a schedule profile, the less likely traffic destined for that queue will back up and be dropped. Tx Packet Errors shows the sum of packets that were dropped across all line modules (due to insufficient capacity) by the ingress Virtual Output Queues (VOQs) destined for the egress port. As the counts are read separately from each line module, the sum is not an instantaneous snapshot.