Configuring an ACL for IPv6

These steps are part of the ACL example for IPv6.

  1. Create an ACL. The following example creates an IPv6 ACL named V6_INPUT_FILTER:

    switch(config)# access-list ipv6 V6_INPUT_FILTER

  2. To deny access to an IP protocol from 1001::2/64 to 2001::2/64, which includes Host B, enter:

    switch(config-acl-ipv6)# deny any 1001::2/64 2001::2/64 log

  3. To allow access from any other IP address, enter:

    switch(config-acl-ipv6)# permit any any any

  4. To apply the V6_INPUT_FILTER ACL to inbound (ingress) traffic, enter:

    switch(config-if)# apply access-list ipv6 V6_INPUT_FILTER in