Types of ACLs

This switch supports three types of ACLs: MAC, IPv4, and IPv6. Each ACL type is focused on relevant frame/packet characteristics.

You can apply an ACL to an interface to affect or control the traffic arriving on that interface (inbound) or leaving the interface (outbound), or both.

A given interface supports a single ACL application per type, per direction to a total of four interface-applied ACLs. A single interface supports the following ACL applications:

  • One MAC ACL inbound

  • One IPv4 ACL inbound

  • One IPv4 ACL outbound

  • One IPv6 ACL inbound

Different ACLs of the same type can be used in opposite directions for IPv4. If you apply an ACL of a particular type in a direction that is already in use, the switch replaces the current ACL with the new ACL.