Setting the ACL log timer frequency

You can set the log timer frequency for ACEs that have the log parameter configured. This capability allows throttling of logging ACL hits.


You must be in the global configuration context: switch(config)#

To set the ACL log timer frequency, enter:

access-list log-timer {default|<VALUE>}

Where default sets the log timer back to the default value (300 seconds).

And <VALUE> sets the log timer to the specified value (from 30-300 seconds).

Setting the ACL log timer to 120 seconds:

switch(config)# access-list log-timer 120

Resetting the ACL log timer to the default value:

switch(config)# no access-list log-timer

The first packet that matches an entry with the log parameter within an ACL log timer window (configured with access-list log-timer command) has its header contents extracted and sent to the configured logging destination, such as to the console and syslog server. Each time the ACL log timer expires, a summary of ACEs with log configured is sent to the logging destination.