Upgrading from 16.08 onwards

The following are the behavioral changes to REST interface from 16.08 onwards:
  • If the credentials are configured, the execution of GET Version URI requires authentication. The earlier releases allow this execution without authentication.
  • The Operator cannot execute all the GET URIs. The following table lists the GET URIs restricted for Operator along with the corresponding show commands:
    GET URI Command
    GET /ta_profiles show crypto pki ta-profile
    GET/ta_profiles/{TaProfile.ta_name} show crypto pki ta-profile <ta-profile-name>
    GET /vlans-ports, GET /vlans show running-config vlan
    GET /vlans-ports/{VlanPort.vlan_id}-{VlanPort.port_id}, GET /vlans/{Vlan.vlan_id} show running-config vlan <vlan>
    GET /intrusion_logs show port-security intrusion-log
    GET /portsec_policies show port-security
    GET /portsec_policies/ {PortSecurityPolicy.port_id} show port-security <port-list>
    GET /radius_servers, GET /radius_profile show radius
    GET /snmp-server/traps show snmp-server traps
    GET /snmp-server/communities/{SnmpServerCommunity.community} show snmp-server <community>