Configuring switch C for 6in4 tunneling

Configures Switch C in a manner similar to switch B, using the appropriate IPv6 and IPv4 addresses.

  1. Configure the Tunnel endpoint for Switch C

    The tunnel endpoint for Switch C is configured with a mode, IPv4 source address, IPv4 destination address, and an IPv6 interface address.

    Switch(config)# interface tunnel 1
    Switch(tunnel-1)# tunnel mode 6in4
    Switch(tunnel-1)# tunnel source
    Switch(tunnel-1)# tunnel destination
    Switch(tunnel-1)# ipv6 address 5000::2/64
  2. Configure VLAN 2 for the IPv6 Hosts on the 4000::/64 Network

    This step configures IPv6 address 4000::1/64 on VLAN 2. When IPv6 traffic from IPv6 host 4000::2/64 that is destined for the IPv6 3000::/64 network is transported over VLAN 2, it will be routed into the tunnel.

    This step is performed in VLAN context.

    Switch(config)# ipv6 unicast routing
    Switch(config)# ipv6 route 3000::/64 5000::1
  3. Configure IPv6 Routing to Route into the Tunnel

    IPv6 unicast routing is enabled. The static route is configured to route packets destined for the 3000::/64 network into the tunnel.

    Switch(config)# vlan 2
    Switch(vlan-2)# ipv6 address 4000::1/64

    3000::/64: Configures static route for destinations in the 3000::/64 network .

    5000::1: IPv6 address of tunnel endpoint

  4. Configure the VLAN Used to Reach the First Hop Router in the IPv4 Network

    This step configures the tunnel endpoint IPv4 address (VLAN1) in VLAN 2 context so that traffic from VLAN 2 can reach the first hop router in the IPv4 network through the tunnel.

    The command is executed in VLAN context.

    Switch(vlan-2)# ip address
  5. Configure the IPv4 Default Gateway

    The default gateway is configured.

    Switch(config)# ip default-gateway