show running


show running


Use show running to view the currently active load-sharing configuration and show config to view the load-sharing configuration in the startup-config file. (While in its default configuration [ip load-sharing 4] load-sharing does not appear in the command output.) If load sharing is configured with non-default settings (disabled or configured for either two or three equal-cost next-hop paths), the current settings are displayed in the command output.

Example output

This example displays a non-default IP load-sharing configuration:

Switch(config)# show running
 Running configuration:
 ; J8697A Configuration Editor; Created on release #K.15.xx

 hostname "Switch"
 module 1 type J8702A
 snmp-server community "public" Unrestricted
 vlan 1
    name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
    untagged 1-24
    ip address dhcp-bootp
 ip load-sharing 3

ip load-sharing 3 indicates a non-default load-sharing configuration allowing three equal-cost next-hop paths for routed traffic with different subnet destinations. If the routing switch is configured with the default load-sharing configuration, load-sharing does not appear in the show config or show running command output.