Enforcing strict LSA operation for graceful restart helper mode

OSPFv3 operation on the routing switches includes helper mode operation for graceful restart of OSPFv3 on a neighboring router upon receipt of a "grace LSA" from the neighbor. In the default configuration, helper mode operation in this case includes terminating graceful restart support ("strict LSA" operation) on the routing switch if it detects a topology change requiring updated LSAs during the restart period of the neighboring router. Terminating this support forces the helper routing switch to re-establish its LSAs and OSPFv3 functions on the network segment affected by the OSPFv3 restart on the neighboring router. (For more information on OSPFv3 graceful restart, see RFC 3623.)

In the default OSPFv3 configuration, the default helper mode operation terminates graceful restart if topology changes affect the network segment.


Configure router-id or IPv4 loopback address for OSPFv3 Non-Stop Forwarding to work on the switch.