Command to modify the redistribution metric type

The redistribution metric type is used by default for all routes imported into OSPFv3. Type 1 metrics are the same "units" as internal OSPFv3 metrics and can be compared directly. Type 2 metrics are not directly comparable and are treated as larger than the largest internal OSPFv3 metric.


router ospf3 default-metric-type [type1|type2]


Globally reconfigures the redistribution metric type on an ASBR.



Specifies the OSPFv3 metric plus the external metric for an external route.


Specifies the external metric for an external route.

Default: type2

Example input

Modifying the redistribution metric type. To change from the default setting on an ASBR to type 1, enter the following command:

Switch(config)# router ospf3 default-metric-type type1