Overview of OSPFv3




OSPFv3 applications only; runs independent of the OSPFv2 protocol used for IPv4 OSPFv2 applications.

Concurrent IPv4/IPv6 operation

Concurrent OSPFv2 and OSPFv3 operation supported on all VLAN interfaces configured on the routing switch.

The routing switches support concurrent operation of both OSPFv2 (for IPv4) and OSPFv3 (for IPv6). The two versions of the OSPFv3 protocol operate independent of each other. (For information on OSPFv2 for IPv4 operation, see the latest Aruba-OS Switch Multicast and Routing Guide for your routing switch.)

OSPFv3 is a link-state routing protocol applied to IPv6 routers grouped into OSPFv3 areas identified by the IPv6 routing configuration on each routing switch. Each OSPFv3 area includes one or more networks. OSPFv3 routers use hello packets and LSAs to maintain OSPFv3 operation across networks within an area and between areas within an OSPFv3 domain.