ipv6 mld


ipv6 mld [enable|disable]

no ipv6 mld [enable|disable]


The no form disables MLD snooping on a VLAN.


no ipv6 mld

This command will remove that option from the configuration and apply the default if one exists.


This command must be issued in a VLAN context.

MLDv2 is disabled by default.

enable: Enables MLDv2 on a VLAN.

disable: Disables MLDv2 on a VLAN. The last-saved or the default MLD configuration is saved, whichever is most recent.

Example input

This example shows how to enable or disable MLD snooping on a VLAN

To enable MLD snooping on VLAN 8:

Switch(vlan-8)# ipv6 mld enable
Switch# config

To disable MLD snooping on VLAN 8:

Switch(vlan-8)# no ipv6 mld