The IPv6 default route (::/0) is a static route used for all traffic that has a destination network not reachable through any other IPv6 route in the routing table.


ipv6 route ::/0 ipv6-gateway-addr distance 1 - 255


Used in the global config context to configure the default route and gateway to use for traffic sent to the default route.



Specifies the default IPv6 route.


Specifies the next-hop router for traffic sent to the default route.

distance 1 - 255

Specifies the administrative distance to associate with a static route.

Default: 1; Range: 1 - 255

Example input

Configuring the IPv6 default route

If 2001:db8:c::9f:35 is the IPv6 address of your ISP router, all nonlocal traffic could be directed to the ISP by configuring the following default route:

Switch(config)# ipv6 route ::/0 2001:db8:c::9f:35

To view the default route in the routing table, use show ipv6 route.