[permit|deny] ipv6 -ACE-criteria


1 - 2147483647 [permit|deny] ipv6 -ACE-criteria


Used in the context of a given ACL, this command inserts an ACE into the ACL.


1 - 2147483647

The range of valid sequence numbers for an ACL.


The various traffic selection options described earlier in this chapter.


Entering an ACE that would result in an out-of-range sequence number is not allowed. Use the resequence command to free up ACE numbering availability in the ACL.


Inserting a New ACE in an Existing ACL

From the global configuration context:

  1. Insert a new ACE with a sequence number of 45 between the ACEs numbered 40 and 50 in Appending an ACE to an existing list.

  2. From within the context of an IPv6 ACL named "List-01", insert a new ACE between two existing ACEs.

  3. In this example, the first command creates a new ACL and enters the ACL context. The next two ACEs entered become lines 10 and 20 in the list. The third ACE entered is inserted between lines 10 and 20 by using the sequence command with a sequence number of 11.