graft-retry-interval <INTERVAL>

no graft-retry-interval <INTERVAL>


Graft packets result when a downstream router transmits a request to join a flow in PIMv6. The upstream router responds with a graft acknowledgment packet. If the graft acknowledgment is not received within the time period of the graft-retry-interval, it re-sends the graft packet. The command [graft-retry-interval <1-10>] changes the interval (in seconds) the routing switch waits for the graft acknowledgment from another router before re-sending the graft request. The default interval range is 3 seconds. Range: 1 to 10 seconds.

The no form of this command disables the graft packet acknowledgment message from PIMv6.

Command context




Specifies the interval for graft packets on PIMv6-DM interface. The range can be 1 to 10 seconds.