IP interface parameters for routing switches

The following table lists the interface-level IP parameters for routing switches.

Table 9: IP interface parameters — routing switches




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IP address

A Layer 3 network interface address; separate IP addresses on individual VLAN interfaces.

None configured



A numeric cost the router adds to RIP routes learned on the interface. This parameter applies only to RIP routes.

1 (one)

Configuring RIP parameters

ICMP Internet Router Discovery Protocol (IRDP)

Locally overrides the global IRDP settings.


Enabling IRDP globally

IP helper address

The IP address of a UDP application server (such as a BootP or DHCP server) or a directed broadcast address. IP helper addresses allow the routing switch to forward requests for certain UDP applications from a client on one subnet to a server on another subnet.

None configured

Configuring an IP helper address

1See the chapter "Configuring IP Addressing" in the Management and Configuration Guide for your switch.