show snmp-server traps

Show the traps controlled by the snmp-server enable traps command


show snmp-server COMMUNITY-STR|traps


Display information on all SNMP communities, trap receivers, and SNMP response/trap source -ip policy configured on the switch. If COMMUNITY-STR is specified, only information for that community is displayed.

Show SNMP-server traps

Switch(config)# sh snmp-server traps

Trap Receivers
Link-Change Traps Enabled on Ports [All] : All

Traps Category                     Current Status
---------------------------        --------------
SNMP Authentication                Extended
Password change                    Enabled
Login failures                     Enabled
Port-Security                      Enabled
Authorization Server Contact       Enabled
DHCP-Snooping                      Enabled
DHCPv6-Snooping Out of Resource    Enabled
DHCPv6-Snooping Errant Replies     Enabled
Dynamic ARP Protection             Enabled
Dynamic IP Lockdown                Enabled
Dynamic IPv6 Lockdown Out of Resource  Enabled
Dynamic IPv6 Lockdown Violations       Enabled
ND Snooping Out of Resources           Enabled
Startup Config change                  Disabled
Running Config Change                  Disabled
MAC address table changes              Disabled
MAC Address Count                      Disabled

Address        Community    Events  Type  Retry  Time out
---------- --------------- -------- ----- ------ --------
Excluded MIBs