Viewing SSH configuration

SSH configuration display

To verify an SSH configuration and display all SSH sessions running on the switch, enter the show ip ssh command. Information on all current SSH sessions (IPv4 and IPv6) is displayed.

Switch# show ip ssh

  SSH Enabled     : Yes              Secure Copy Enabled : No
  TCP Port Number : 22               Timeout (sec)       : 120
  Host Key Type   : RSA              Host Key Size       : 2048

  Ciphers : aes128–cbc,3des–cbc,aes192–cbc,aes256–cbc,
  MACs    : hmac–md5,hmac–sha1,hmac–sha1–96,hmac–md5–96

  Ses Type     | Source IP                                Port
  ––– –––––––– + –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––
  1   console  |
  2   ssh      |                            1722
  3   inactive |
  4   inactive |
  5   inactive |
  6   inactive |
  • Displays the current SSH configuration and status.

  • The switch uses five SSH settings internally for transactions with clients.

  • By default, SSH is enabled for IPv4 and IPv6 clients.

  • With SSH running, the switch supports one console session and up to five other SSH and Telnet (IPv4 and IPv6) sessions.

  • WebAgent sessions are also supported, but are not displayed in show ip ssh output.

  • Source IPv6 IP addresses of SSH clients are displayed in hexadecimal format.