Listing static and dynamic VLANs on a GVRP-enabled switch (CLI)


show vlans

Lists all VLANs present in the switch.

Using the show vlans command

In the following illustration, switch B has one static VLAN (the default VLAN), with GVRP enabled and port 1 configured to Learn for Unknown VLANs. Switch A has GVRP enabled and has three static VLANs: the default VLAN, VLAN-222 and VLAN-333. In this scenario, switch B will dynamically join VLAN-222 and VLAN-333:

The show vlans command lists the dynamic (and static) VLANs in switch B after it has learned and joined VLAN-222 and VLAN-333.

Switch-B> show vlans

 Status and Counters - VLAN Information

   VLAN support : Yes
   Maximum VLANs to support : 16

   VLAN ID        NAME          Status
   -------------- ------------- ------
   1              DEFAULT_VLAN  Static
   222            GVRP_222      Dynamic
   333            GVRP_333      Dynamic