Converting a dynamic VLAN to a static VLAN (CLI)


static-vlan <vlan-id>

Converts a dynamic, port-based VLAN membership to static, port-based VLAN membership (allows port-based VLANs only).

For this command,<vlan-id> refers to the VID of the dynamic VLAN membership. Use show vlan to help identify the VID.

This command requires that GVRP is running on the switch and a port is currently a dynamic member of the selected VLAN.

After you convert a dynamic VLAN to static, you must configure the switch's per-port participation in the VLAN in the same way that you would for any static VLAN. For GVRP and dynamic VLAN operation, see GVRP.

Converting a dynamic VLAN to a port-based static VLAN

Suppose a dynamic VLAN with a VID of 125 exists on the switch. The following command converts the VLAN to a port-based, static VLAN:

switch(config)# static-vlan 125