Remote ID

Remote ID is a configurable subfield that identifies a policy area that comprises either the routing switch as a whole (by using the routing switch MAC address) or an individual VLAN configured on the routing switch (by using the IP address of the VLAN receiving the client request.)

  • Use the IP address option if the server will apply different IP addressing policies to DHCP client requests from ports in different VLANs on the same routing switch.

  • Use the Management VLAN option if a management VLAN is configured and you want all DHCP clients on the routing switch to use the same IP address. (This is useful if you are applying the same IP addressing policy to DHCP client requests from ports in different VLANs on the same routing switch.) Configuring this option means the management VLAN's IP address appears in the remote ID subfield of all DHCP requests originating with clients connected to the routing switch, regardless of the VLAN on which the requests originate.

  • Use the MAC address option if, on a given routing switch, it does not matter to the DHCP server which VLAN is the source of a client request (that is, use the MAC address option if the IP addressing policies supported by the target DHCP server do not distinguish between client requests from ports in different VLANs in the same routing switch.)

To view the MAC address for a given routing switch, execute the show system-information command in the CLI.

Using the CLI to view the switch MAC address

switch(config)# show system information

Status and Counters - General System Information

System Name        : switch
System Contact     :
System Location    :

MAC Age Time (sec) : 300

Time Zone          : 0
Daylight Time Rule : None

Software revision : xx.15.xx     Base MAC Addr     : 0026f1-152e10
ROM Version       : xx.15.xx     Serial Number     : CN9458Q011
Allow V1 Modules  : Yes

Up Time           : 68 mins       Memory  - Total  : 58,720,256
CPU Util (%)      : 5                       Free   : 39,500,456

IP Mgmt - Pkts Rx : 28,959        Packet  - Total  : 3022
          Pkts Tx : 1340          Buffers   Free   : 2902
                                            Lowest : 2742
                                            Missed : 0