Xmodem: Copying a configuration file to a serially connected PC or UNIX workstation (CLI)

To use this method, the switch must be connected via the serial port to a PC or UNIX workstation. You will need to:
  • Determine a filename to use

  • Know the directory path you will use to store the configuration file.


copy {<startup-config | running-config>} xmodem {<pc | unix>}

copy config <filename> xmodem {<pc | unix>}

Uses Xmodem to copy a designated configuration file from the switch to a PC or UNIX workstation. For more information, see "Multiple Configuration Files" in the basic operation guide for your switch.


To copy a configuration file to a PC serially connected to the switch:
  1. Determine the file name and directory location on the PC.

  2. Execute the following command:
    switch# copy startup-config xmodem pc
    Press 'Enter' and start XMODEM on your host...
  3. After you see the above prompt, press [Enter].

  4. Execute the terminal emulator commands to begin the file transfer.