Protocol Application Programming Interface (PAPI)

The PAPI Enhanced Security configuration provides protection to Aruba devices, AirWave, and ALE against malicious users sending fake messages that results in security challenges.

Starting from ArubaOS-Switch version 16.02, a minor security enhancement has been made to Protocol Application Programming Interface (PAPI) messages. Protocol Application Programming Interface endpoint authenticates the sender by performing a check of the incoming messages using MD5 (hash). All PAPI endpoints — APs, Controllers, Mobility Access Switches, Airwave, and ALE — must use the same secret key. The switch software currently uses a fixed key to calculate the MD5 digest and cooperate with the controller for PAPI enhanced security.


To use this functionality, the PAPI security profile must be configured on the controller. For more information on the Aruba controller, see the Aruba Networks Controller Configuration Manual.