Status/control commands

The following commands help assess the general state of TR–069 and control the source of the ACS configuration record:

Table 32: Status/control commands



show cwmp status
CWMP is Enabled  ACS URL           :
ACS URL is set by                  : Config
ACS Username                       : bims
Connection status                  : Disconnected
Data transfer status               : None
Time of last successful connection : Thu Feb 20 01:16:59 2014
Interval upon to next connection   : Null
show cwmp configuration
CWMP is Enabled  ACS URL          :
ACS Username                      : bims 
Inform Enable Status              : Disabled
Inform Interval                   : 3559 
Inform Time                       :  
Reconnection times                : 30
no dhcp tr69-acs-url

Prevents using any ACS information from DHCP