Source IP address for SNMP notifications

The switch uses an interface IP address as the source IP address in IP headers when sending SNMP notifications (traps and informs) or responses to SNMP requests.

For multi-netted interfaces, the source IP address is the IP address of the outbound interface of the SNMP reply, which may differ from the destination IP address in the IP header of the received request. For security reasons, it may be desirable to send an SNMP reply with the IP address of the destination interface (or a specified IP address) on which the corresponding SNMP request was received.

To configure the switch to use the source IP address on which an SNMP request was received in SNMP notification or traps and replies, enter the snmp-server response-source and snmp-server trap-source commands (For more information, see Configuring the source IP address for SNMP notifications (CLI)).