SNMPv3 users


To create new users, most SNMPv3 management software requires an initial user record to clone. The initial user record can be downgraded and provided with fewer features, but not upgraded by adding new features. For this reason, Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends that when you enable SNMPv3, you also create a second user with SHA authentication and DES privacy.

To use SNMPv3 on the switch, you must configure the users that will be assigned to different groups:

  1. Configure users in the User Table with the snmpv3 user command.

    To view the list of configured users, enter the show snmpv3 user command (see Adding users)

  2. Assign users to Security Groups based on their security model with the snmpv3 group command (see Assigning users to groups (CLI)).


If you add an SNMPv3 user without authentication, privacy, or both, to a group that requires either feature, the user will not be able to access the switch. Ensure that you add a user with the appropriate security level to an existing security group.