Planning and implementing a PoE configuration

This section provides an overview of some considerations for planning a PoE application. For additional information on this topic, refer to the PoE/PoE+ planning and implementation guide which is available on the Networking web site at

Some of the elements you may want to consider for a PoE installation include:
  • Port assignments to VLANs

  • Use of security features

  • Power requirements

This section can help you to plan your PoE installation. If you use multiple VLANs in your network, or if you have concerns about network security, you should read the first two topics. If your PoE installation comes close to (or is likely to exceed) the system’s ability to supply power to all devices that may request it, then you should also read the third topic. (If it is unlikely that your installation will even approach a full utilization of the PoE power available, then you may find it unnecessary to spend much time on calculating PoE power scenarios.)