LLDP-MED endpoint support

LLDP-MED interoperates with directly connected IP telephony (endpoint) clients having these features and services:

  • Autonegotiate speed and duplex configuration with the switch

  • Use the following network policy elements configured on the client port
    • Voice VLAN ID

    • 802.1p (Layer 2) QoS

    • Diffserv codepoint (DSCP) (Layer 3) QoS

  • Discover and advertise device location data learned from the switch

  • Support ECS (such as E911, 999, and 112)

  • Advertise device information for the device data inventory collected by the switch, including:
    • Hardware revision

    • Firmware revision

    • Software revision

    • Serial number

    • Manufacturer name

    • Model name

    • Asset ID

  • Provide information on network connectivity capabilities (For example, a multi-port VoIP phone with Layer 2 switch capability)

  • Support the fast-start capability


LLDP-MED is intended for use with VoIP endpoints and is not designed to support links between network infrastructure devices, such as switch-to-switch or switch-to-router links.