Dynamic LACP trunk

The switch automatically negotiates trunked links between LACP-configured ports on separate devices, and offers one dynamic trunk option: LACP. To configure the switch to initiate a dynamic LACP trunk with another device, use the interface command in the CLI to set the default LACP option to active on the ports you want to use for the trunk. For example, the following command sets ports C1 to C4 to LACP active:

switch(config) int c1-c4 lacp active

The preceding Example: works if the ports are not already operating in a trunk. To change the LACP option on ports already operating as a trunk, you must first remove them from the trunk. For example, if ports C1 to C4 are LACP-active and operating in a trunk with another device, you would do the following to change them to LACP-passive:

switch(config)# no int c1-c4 lacp

Removes the ports from the trunk.

switch(config)# int c1-c4 lacp passive

Configures LACP passive.