All users are locked out of access to the switch

If the switch is functioning properly, but no username/password pairs result in console or Telnet access to the switch, the problem may be caused by how the TACACS+ server and/or the switch are configured. Use one of the following methods to recover:

  • Access the TACACS+ server application and adjust or remove the configuration parameters controlling access to the switch.

  • If the above method does not work, try eliminating configuration changes in the switch that have not been saved to flash (boot-up configuration) by causing the switch to reboot from the boot-up configuration (which includes only the configuration changes made prior to the last write memory command.) If you did not use write memory to save the authentication configuration to flash, pressing the Reset button reboots the switch with the boot-up configuration.

  • Disconnect the switch from network access to any TACACS+ servers and then log in to the switch using either Telnet or direct console port access. Because the switch cannot access a TACACS+ server, it defaults to local authentication. You can then use the switch's local Operator or Manager username/password pair to log on.

  • As a last resort, use the Clear/Reset button combination to reset the switch to its factory default boot-up configuration. Taking this step means you will have to reconfigure the switch to return it to operation in your network.