Displaying the global LLDP, port admin, and SNMP notification status (CLI)

In the default configuration, LLDP is enabled and in both transmit and receive mode on all active ports. The LLDP configuration includes global settings that apply to all active ports on the switch, and per-port settings that affect only the operation of the specified ports.

The commands in this section affect both LLDP and LLDP-MED operation. for information on operation and configuration unique to LLDP-MED, refer to “LLDP-MED (Media-Endpoint-Discovery)”.


show lldp config

Displays the LLDP global configuration, LLDP port status, and SNMP notification status. For information on port admin status, see Configuring per-port transmit and receive modes (CLI).

show lldp config produces the following display when the switch is in the default LLDP configuration:

Viewing the general LLDP configuration

switch(config)# show lldp config

 LLDP Global Configuration

  LLDP Enabled [Yes] : Yes
  LLDP Transmit Interval     [30] : 30
  LLDP Hold time Multiplier   [4] : 4
  LLDP Delay Interval         [2] : 2
  LLDP Reinit Interval        [2] : 2
  LLDP Notification Interval  [5] : 5
  LLDP Fast Start Count       [5] : 5

 LLDP Port Configuration

  Port | AdminStatus NotificationEnabled  Med Topology Trap Enabled
  ---- + ----------- -------------------  -------------------------
  A1   | Tx_Rx       False                False
  A2   | Tx_Rx       False                False
  A3   | Tx_Rx       False                False
  A4   | Tx_Rx       False                False
  A5   | Tx_Rx       False                False
  A6   | Tx_Rx       False                False
  A7   | Tx_Rx       False                False
  A8   | Tx_Rx       False                False

The values displayed in the LLDP column correspond to the lldp refresh-interval command