802.1X (Port-based access control) configured on a port

To maintain security, LACP is not allowed on ports configured for 802.1X authenticator operation. If you configure port security on a port on which LACP (active or passive) is configured, the switch removes the LACP configuration, displays a notice that LACP is disabled on the port, and enables 802.1X on that port.

switch(config)# aaa port-access authenticator b1
LACP has been disabled on 802.1x port(s). 

The switch does not allow you to configure LACP on a port on which port access (802.1X) is enabled. For Example:

switch(config)# int b1 lacp passive 
Error configuring port < port-number > : LACP and 802.1x cannot 
be run together. 

To restore LACP to the port, you must first remove the 802.1X configuration of the port and then re-enable LACP active or passive on the port.