lacp min-active-links


lacp min-active-links <value>

no lacp min-active-links <value>


Configures the minimum threshold value for the active member links in a LACP trunk group.

The no form of this command deletes the configured threshold and sets the threshold value to default.

Command context


Example: eth-Trk



Sets the threshold value for LACP trunk. The value is an integer that ranges from zero to eight which represents the number of minimum active links. The default value is zero which disables the minimum active links.


switch(eth-Trk11)# lacp
enable-timer          Configure the time in seconds to wait before re-enabling 
                      the trunk disabled by LACP feature for minimum active links.
key                   Set the LACP key.
mad-passthrough       Enable or disable MAD passthrough on the LACP trunks.
min-active-links      Configure the threshold for the minimum number of active
                      member links in a LACP trunk group, for it to be operational.
active                Enable active LACP.
passive               Enable passive LACP.
static                Set the mode of a static LACP port to active or passive.
switch(eth-Trk11)# lacp min-active-links
<0-8>                 Enter a number. 
switch(eth-Trk11)# lacp min-active-links 5
WARNING: This configuration can result in disabling the trunk, if the
number of active links in the trunk drops below the configured threshold.
Continue (y/n)? y