Configuring authorized IP managers for switch access

To configure one or more IPv6-based management stations to access the switch using the authorized IP managers feature, enter the ipv6 authorized-managers command.


ipv6 authorized-managers <ipv6–addr> [ipv6-mask] [access <operator | manager> ]

no ipv6 authorized-managers <ipv6–addr> [ipv6-mask] [access <operator | manager> ]

Configures one or more authorized IPv6 addresses to access the switch, where:

ipv6-mask : Specifies the mask that is applied to an IPv6 address to determine authorized stations.


access <operator|manager> : Specifies the level of access privilege granted to authorized stations. Applies only to access through Telnet, SSH, and SNMP (version 1, 2, and 3). Default: Manager.


The Authorized IP Manager feature does not support the configuration of access privileges on authorized stations that use an SSH, SNMPv3, or the web browser session to access the switch. For these sessions, access privilege is configured with the access application.