Software feature coverage per guide

Guide name abbreviations are as follows:

ASG: Access Security Guide

ATMG: Advanced Traffic Management Guide

BOG: Basic Operation Guide

IPv6: IPv6 Configuration Guide

MCG: Management and Configuration Guide

MRG: Multicast and Routing Guide

Software features

Software features







802.1Q VLAN Tagging   X        
802.1X Port-Based Priority         X  
802.1X Multiple Authenticated Clients Per Port X          
802.3bt         X  
Access Control Lists (ACLs) X          
Access Control Lists (ACLs) (IPv6)       X    
access-list logtimer X          
Active / Active Support X X        
Airwave Controller IP configuration commands         X  
Application Certificate Enrollment using EST X          
Aruba Central integration         X  
AAA Authentication X          
Authentication order, priority, and fallback X          
Authorized IP Managers X          
Authorized IP Managers (IPv6)       X    
Authorized Manager List (Web, SSH, TFTP) X          
Automatic CA Certificate Download with ClearPass X          
Auto MDIX Configuration         X  
BOOTP         X  
Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)           X
Captive-portal commands X          
Class commands         X  
Config File     X      
Console Access     X      
Consolidated Client View         X  
Copy Command         X  
Core Dump         X  
CoS (Class of Service)   X        
Debug         X  
Device Fingerprinting X          
Device Profile         X  
DHCP Configuration         X  
DHCPv6 Relay       X    
DHCP Option 82           X
DHCP Snooping X          
DHCP/Bootp Operation         X  
Diagnostic Tools         X  
Diagnostics and Troubleshooting (IPv6)       X    
Distributed Trunking         X  
Downloading Software     X      
Dynamic ARP Protection X          
Dynamic Configuration Arbiter X          
Dynamic Segmentation         X  
Dynamic IP Lockdown X          
EAP-TLS Fragmentation X          
Easing Wired/Wireless Deployment feature integration         X  
Eavesdrop Protection X          
Equal Cost Multi-Path (ECMP)           X
Event Log         X  
Factory Default Settings     X      
Flow Control (802.3x)         X  
File Management         X  
File Transfers         X  
FQDN support for RADIUS Server X          
Friendly Port Names         X  
Guaranteed Minimum Bandwidth (GMB)         X  
GVRP   X        
Hibernate mode     X      
IMC (Network Management) X   X   X  
IGMP           X
Interface Access (Telnet, Console/Serial, web)     X      
IP Addressing     X      
IPv6 Addressing       X    
IP Preserve (IPv6)     X      
IP Routing           X
IPsec for Zero Touch Provisioning         X  
IPsec Tunnel to Secondary Controller         X  
IP SLA         X  
IPv6 Static Routing       X    
Jumbo Packets         X  
Key Management System (KMS) X          
LACP         X  
LACP Minimum Active Links         X  
LLDP X          
LLDP-MED X          
Local User roles X          
Lock a MAC to a port-VLAN pair X          
Log IP address of an ACL match X          
Log violation of Blackhole route           X
Loop Protection   X        
MAC Address Management         X  
MAC Lockdown X          
MAC Lockout X          
MAC-based Authentication X          
Management VLAN   X        
Management Security (IPv6)       X    
Meshing   X        
MLDv1/MLDv2       X    
Monitoring and Analysis         X  
Multicast Filtering X          
Multiple Configuration Files     X      
Net-destination and Net-services X          
Network Management Applications (SNMP)         X  
Object tracking for Uplink Failure Detection         X  
Out-of-Band Management (OOBM)         X  
OSPFv3       X    
Passwords and Password Clear Protection X          
PAP Support for MAC Authentication X          
Ping         X  
Policy-based Routing (PBR)   X        
Policy commands         X  
Port Configuration         X  
Port Monitoring   X        
Port QoS Trust Mode   X        
Port Security X          
Port Status         X  
Port Trunking (LACP)         X  
Port-Based Access Control (802.1X) X          
Power over Ethernet (PoE and PoE+)         X  
Protocol Filters X          
Protocol VLANS   X        
Proxy Server            
PTP (Precision Time Protocol) IEEE 1588       X  
Quality of Service (QoS)   X        
RADIUS Authentication and Accounting X          
RADIUS-Based Configuration X          
Rate-Limiting         X  
RIP           X
RMON 1,2,3,9         X  
Routing           X
Routing - IP Static           X
Route Redistribution           X
RPVST+ Ph-2   X       X
SavePower Features         X  
Secure Copy         X  
Secure Copy (IPv6)       X    
Secure FTP (IPv6)       X    
Secure Radius (RadSec) X          
Secure Syslog over TLS X          
sFlow         X  
SFTP         X  
SNMPv3         X  
SNMP (IPv6)       X    
SNMP Trap Throttling       X    
Software Downloads (SCP/SFTP, TFPT, Xmodem)         X  
Source-Port Filters X          
Spanning Tree (STP, RSTP, MSTP, RPVST+)   X        
SSHv2 (Secure Shell) Encryption X          
SSH (IPv6)       X    
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) X          
Stacking   X        
sys-debug acl X          
sys-debug destination X          
Syslog         X  
System Information     X      
TACACS+ Authentication over v6 X          
Telnet Access     X      
Telnet (IPv6)       X    
TFTP         X  
Time Protocols (TimeP, SNTP)         X  
Time Protocols (IPv6)       X    
Traffic Mirroring         X  
Traffic/Security Filters X          
Troubleshooting         X  
Tunneled node         X  
Tunneling (6in4)       X    
Uni-Directional Link Detection (UDLD)         X  
UDP Forwarder           X
USB Device Support         X  
User-role Enhancement X          
v6 Per User Tunnel Node         X  
Virus Throttling (Connection-Rate Filtering) X          
VLANs   X        
VLAN commands         X  
VLAN Mirroring (1 static VLAN)   X        
Voice VLAN   X        
Web Authentication RADIUS Support X          
Web-based Authentication X          
Web UI     X