Traffic — Spanning Tree

Traffic–Spanning Tree

Spanning Tree Status: Displays whether spanning tree is enabled or disabled on the device.

Spanning Tree Mode: Displays the current spanning tree mode on the device:

  • MSTP (Multiple Spanning Tree)

  • RPVST (Rapid Per-VLAN Spanning Tree)

Loop Inconsistent Ports: Displays the list of loop inconsistent ports on the device detected by Loop Guard.

Root Inconsistent Ports: Displays the list of root inconsistent ports on the device detected by Root Guard.

Root Change History: Displays the last 10 root change events on the device.

  • By default, a scatter plot chart will be shown representing the data on an hourly basis broken out per day.

  • Use the icon in the upper right corner of this component to view the data in a standard table format.

Assigned Ports: Displays the ports assigned to a variety of spanning tree port types that are configurable through the CLI. Types include:

  • Loop Guard

  • Root Guard

  • TCN Guard

  • BPDU Protected Ports

  • BPDU Filtered ports

Topology Change Count: Displays the current topology change count on the device.

Time Since Last Change: Displays the time since that last topology change detected on the device.

MSTP Details: Displays the MSTP configuration identifiers on the device including the name, revision, and digest.