System — Monitor


Monitors up to six system metrics at a given time.

  • Metrics include:
    • CPU usage

    • Memory usage

    • Packet buffer usage

    • Transmit drop rate

    • Message buffer usage

    • Receive error rate

  • Metrics can be hidden from the graph by selecting the corresponding graph icon in the toolbar at the top of the graph.

  • Select and slide the minimap (the gray box at the bottom of the graph) to zoom in and out of the graph. You can also focus in on a specific portion of the graph.

  • Zooming in will provide a finer granularity of displayed data points, while zooming out will display fewer data points.

Pause and Play Graph: Use the pause and play icons in the toolbar in the upper right corner of the graph to start and stop the display of data points on the current graph.

  • Pausing the graph will not pause the collection of system monitor data.

  • Upon restarting the graph, the data points collected while the graph was paused will be filled in.

Graph options: Select the Graph Settings icon in the upper right corner of the graph to:

  • View system monitor graph options

  • Select metrics to graph

  • Show/hide system alerts

  • Show/hide summary lines (maximum, minimum, and average)

The Metrics Statistics: Displays statistics for each of the currently graphed metrics. Statistics include average, maximum, and minimum values for the metric.