Viewing protocol configuration and status information

Use the following command to view configuration and status information for the specified application protocol. The displayed information includes the operational source IP selection policy.
show [ radius | sflow | sntp | tacacs | telnet | tftp | syslog ]

The following example shows the details for the Radius application protocol

switch(config)# show radius

Status and Counters - General RADIUS Information

  Deadtime(min) : 0
  Timeout(secs) : 5
  Retransmit Attempts : 3
  Global Encryption Key :
  Dynamic Authorization UDP Port : 3799
  Source IP Selection : Configured IP address
The following example shows the details for the Telnet application protocol
switch(config)# show telnet

  Telnet Activity

  Source IP Selection:

  Session  : **  1
  Privilege: Manager
  From     : Console
  To       : 
The following example shows details for the SNTP application protocol
switch(config)# show sntp

SNTP Configuration

SNTP Authentication : Disabled
Time Sync Mode: Timep
SNTP Mode : disabled
Poll Interval (sec) [720] : 720
Source IP Selection: Outgoing Interface