System parameters

The following table lists the system parameters that are modifiable and their default values. Configuration of system information is optional, but recommended.

System parameter

Default value

System Name

switch product name

System Contact


System Location



300 seconds

Time Sync Method


Time Zone


Daylight Time Rule



January 1, 1990 at 00:00:00 at last power reset

MAC Age Time

Descriptions of the system parameters:

  • System Name:

    Using a unique name helps you to identify individual devices where you are using an SNMP network management tool.

  • System Contact and Location:

    This information is helpful for identifying the person administratively responsible for the switch and for identifying the locations of individual switches.

  • MAC Age Time:

    The number of seconds a MAC address the switch has learned remains in the switch’s address table before being aged out (deleted). Aging out occurs when there has been no traffic from the device belonging to that MAC address for the configured interval.

  • Time Sync Method:

    Selects the method (TimeP or SNTP) the switch will use for time synchronization. For more on this topic, see the "Time Protocols" chapter in the latest Management and Configuration Guide.

  • Time Zone:

    The number of minutes your time zone location is to the West (+) or East (-) of Coordinated Universal Time (formerly GMT). The default 0 means that no time zone is configured. For example, the time zone for Berlin, Germany is + 60 (minutes) and the time zone for Vancouver, Canada is - 480 (minutes).

  • Daylight Time Rule:

    Specifies the daylight savings time rule to apply for your location. The default is None. (For more on this topic, See Appendix D, "Daylight Savings Time on switches.)

  • Time:

    Used in the CLI to specify the time of day, the date, and other system parameters.