Multiple configuration files

In this mode of operation, you cannot preserve different startupconfig files across a reboot without using remote storage.

The switch allows up to three startup-config files with options for selecting which startup-config file to use for:

  • A fixed reboot policy using a specific startup-config file for a specific boot path (primary or secondary flash)

  • Overriding the current reboot policy on a per-instance basis

Optional reboot process

While you can still use remote storage for startup-config files, you can now maintain multiple startup-config files on the switch and choose which version to use for a reboot policy or an individual reboot.

This choice of which configuration file to use for the startup-config at reboot provides the following new options:

  • The switch can reboot with different configuration options without having to exchange one configuration file for another from a remote storage location.

  • Transitions from one software release to another can be performed while maintaining a separate configuration for the different software release versions.

  • By setting a reboot policy using a known good configuration and then overriding the policy on a per-instance basis, you can test a new configuration with the provision that if an unattended reboot occurs, the switch will come up with the known, good configuration instead of repeating a reboot with a misconfiguration.