Multicast Offload Engine

In the current release, enabling Multicast Offload Engine (MOE) to route multicast IPv4 traffic is the only feature supported on the switch in a preview mode.

Procurve switches without MOE enabled, use ingress replication to send multicast traffic to multiple destinations. The processes such as request, reply, or forward are repeated for every destination node chip. Thus, it results in sending the packet over the ingress node’s fabric interface once for each destination node. To overcome this problem, MOE is enabled.

There is a significant improvement in the performance, as enabling MOE prevents sending multiple copies of the packet across the ingress node chip’s fabric interface. When you enable MOE, the request or reply process to each destination node chip still occurs, but the packet is forwarded once to the fabric chip, and the fabric chip replicates the packet to all other destination nodes that has to receive the packet.


In the current release, MOE is enabled only to route multicast IPv4 packets.

As the feature is available for experiment purpose, it has the following limitations:

  • You cannot use MOE with VSF.

  • You cannot enable MOE on jumbo-enabled VLANs.

Supported Platform

Aruba 5400R v3 standalone