RFC 4292 supported operations

Both GET and SET operations are now supported on switches. RFC 4292 is supported in the following ways:

  1. The set operation can create IPv4 and IPv6 static routes which include the functions for Reject, Remote, and Blackhole.

  2. A column of any existing row with RowStatus “Active” will not be allowed for modification.

  3. Rowstatus will not support “Create-and-wait”.

  4. There is an existing HPE proprietary MIB, hpicfIpStaticRouteTable, which is used to configure IPv4 and IPv6 static routes. Currently CLI commands use this proprietary MIB for configuration. This will remain unchanged.

  5. The SET functions for inetCidrRouteTable (k_test, k_ready, k_setDefaults and k_set) are implemented. The implementation maps to the existing SET routines of hpicfIpStaticRouteTable with the necessary changes. Index of InetCidrRouteTable has RoutePolicy whereas hpicfIpStaticRouteTable has IfIndex. Both MIBs have 6 objects as index.

  6. The current GET implementation of inetCidrRouteTable is directly accessing the Gated Routing table to retrieve all the routes which include Static and Dynamic. The SET routines will have to go through the hpicfIpStaticRouteTable SET functions as these routes are of type Static.

  7. Creation, modification, or deletion of Dynamic route entry is not allowed. This can be achieved by validating the MIB column inetCidrRouteProto for Static or Dynamic protocol.

  8. gateD(routing stack) does not discard any routes, so the value of inetCidrRouteDiscards MIB will always be 0.

MIB mapping