Zeroizing the management module files

Use the erase all to erase all management module files, including configuration files, core dumps, password files, crypto-key files, and so on.
Software images are not erased.
erase all zeroize

When executed without the zeroize option, files are removed, but the flash storage is not zeroized. The data is still physically present in the flash. The flash can be removed from the switch and the data recovered with file recovery tools.

It is recommended that zeroization be performed from the serial console so that the status information can be viewed during the zeroization process.

switch(config)# erase all zeroize

The system will be rebooted and all management module files
except software images will be erased and zeroized. This will
take up to 60 minutes and the switch will not be usable during
that time. Continue (y/n)? y