Using Primary and Secondary flash image options

The switches covered in this guide feature two flash memory locations for storing switch software image files:

  1. Primary Flash:

    The default storage for a switch software image.

  2. Secondary Flash:

    The additional storage for either a redundant or an alternate switch software image.

With the Primary/Secondary flash option, you can test a new image in your system without having to replace a previously existing image. You can also use the image options for troubleshooting. For example, you can copy a problem image into Secondary flash for later analysis and place another, proven image in Primary flash to run your system. The switch can use only one image at a time.

The following tasks involve primary/secondary flash options:

  • Displaying the current flash image data and determining which switch software versions are available

  • Switch software downloads

  • Replacing and removing (erasing) a local switch software version

  • System booting