Software signing and verification

As an enhanced security feature, you can verify whether a software image being downloaded to or stored in your switch has, in fact, been provided by Networking without any modification or corruption.

Validation is based on the image signature that is generated and attached to the switch software by HPE Code Signing Service (HPECSS). Networking implemented digital signature validation starting with specific switch software versions. For a list of these software versions, go to:


Once a switch software image has been digitally signed on a specific version, all later versions will also be signed.

Switches supporting digital signature verification will generate an error message if you attempt to download an image that is not digitally signed. For example, using the CLI commands described above to revert back to an image that is not signed from an image that is signed and supports verification would result in the following message:

This software image does
not contain a digital signature and
cannot be validated as originating
from HP. You may bypass this
validation by using the
'allow no-signature’ option. Please
for information about which versions
of software contain digital signatures.

When you use the copy command to download a properly signed image, the CLI logs the following syslog message:

Update: Firmware image contains valid signature.

Errors related to signature validation will generate one of the following log messages:

Update: Aborted. Downloaded file invalid.
Update: Aborted. Firmware image does not contain a signature. 
Update: Aborted. Firmware image signature is not valid.