Recommended minimal configuration

In the factory default configuration, the switch has no IP (Internet Protocol) address and subnet mask, and no passwords. In this state, it can be managed only through a direct console connection. To manage the switch through in-band (networked) access, you must configure the switch with an IP address and subnet mask compatible with your network. Also, you must configure a Manager password to control access privileges from the console and web browser interface. Other parameters in the Switch Setup screen can be left at their default settings or you can configure them with values you enter.

For more information on IP addressing, see Configuring IP Addressing.


By default, the switch is configured to acquire an IPv4 address configuration from a DHCP or Bootp server. To use DHCP/Bootp instead of the manual method described in this chapter, see DHCP/Bootp Operation in the Management and Configuration Guide for your switch.

For information on configuring IPv6 addressing, see to the latest IPv6 Configuration Guide for your switch.