Banner operating notes

  • The default banner appears only when the switch is in the factory default configuration. Using the command no banner motd deletes the currently configured banner text and blocks display of the default banner. The default banner is restored only if the switch is reset to its factory default configuration.

  • The switch supports one banner at any time. Configuring a new banner replaces any former banner configured on the switch.

  • If the switch is configured with ssh version 1 or ssh version 1-or-2, configuring the banner sets the SSH configuration to ssh version 2 and displays the message Warning: SSH version has been set to v2.

  • If a banner is configured, the switch does not allow configuration with ssh version 1 or ssh version 1-or-2. Attempting to do so produces the error message Banner has to be disabled first..

  • If a banner is enabled on the switch, the WebAgent displays Notice to all users on the banner page.