Accessing Next-Gen UI with IPv6 Link Local Address

To access Next-Gen UI with IPv6 link-local address, follow these steps:

  • Note down the MAC address of the switch. It is on the back of the switch box.

  • Go to and paste MAC address of your switch. It generates the IPv6 Link Local Address of the switch.

  • Connect your laptop to the switch (Window 7 or higher OS version).

  • To access Next-Gen UI, copy the generated IPv6 address. Paste it in the address bar of the web browser by enclosing it in square brackets.

    For example, if MAC address is b0:5a:da:97:b1:c0, paste http://[fe80::b25a:daff:fe97:b1c0]/index.html in the web browser to access the Next-Gen UI.