Viewing and configuring non-version-3 SNMP communities (Menu)

  1. From the Main Menu, select:

    2. Switch Configuration…

    6. SNMP Community Names

    SNMP Communities screen (default values)
  2. Press [A] (for Add ) to display the following screen:
    SNMP add or edit screen

    If you need information on the options in each field, press [Enter] to move the cursor to the Actions line, then select the Help option. When you are finished with Help, press [E] (for Edit) to return the cursor to the parameter fields.

  3. Enter the name you want in the Community Name field, and use the Space bar to select the appropriate value in each of the other fields. (Use the [Tab] key to move from one field to the next.)
  4. Press [Enter], then [S] (for Save.)