aruba-central {enable | disable | support-mode {enable | disable}}


Configure Aruba Central server support. When enabled, and when a server web address has been obtained using Aruba Activate, the system will connect to an Aruba Central server. The system will obtain configuration updates and most local configuration commands will be disabled. This mode is enabled by default.

Enter support mode to enable all configuration commands. Normally, when the system is connected to an Aruba Central server, the configuration is updated from that server and most local configuration commands are disabled. Support mode enables those commands for use in troubleshooting problems. Support mode is disabled by default. When the system is not connected to Aruba Central server, the full command set is enabled for local configuration.


  • Switch communication to Aruba Central is not supported via OOBM.

  • Aruba-central is not supported in FIPS switches and it will be disabled by default.


To avoid broadcast storm or loops in your network while configuring ZTP, do not have redundant links after you complete ZTP and Airwave registration. Authorize the new switch and then push the Golden Configuration template from Airwave.


Enable Aruba Central server support

switch(config)# aruba-central enable

Disable Aruba Central server support

switch(config)# aruba-central disable

Enter support mode to enable all CLI configuration commands

switch(config)# aruba-central support-mode enable

This mode will enable all CLI configuration commands, including those normally reserved by the Aruba Central
Use of this mode may invalidate the configuration provisioned through Aruba Central server.
Continue (y/n)?              
NOTE: Starting with16.09 release when switches are on-boarding to Central, SNMP access is read-only, and SNMP traps are supported.